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Highway Safety

This month, Steve Gorny was appointed to the Board of Regents for the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys. The appointment comes in response to a more than 20-year career dedicated to working toward safer highways for all motorists. In that regard, members of The Gorny Law Firm have helped to lobby state and federal officials to increase minimum insurance coverage maintained by trucking companies, to limit hours of service permitted by truck drivers, and to increase and enhance oversight and training for drivers of heavy commercial vehicles. At The Gorny Law Firm, we believe that it is our responsibility not only to help those injured in collisions involving commercial vehicles but also to minimize the chances of others becoming involved in such accidents.

Certainly, there are many hardworking men and women behind the wheels of tractor trailers and in trucking company offices. Most recognize that the trucking industry is critical to America’s economy. Accordingly, most companies follow the rules set forth by federal and state governments and do everything possible to make certain that those responsible for 80,000 pound vehicles are well rested and well trained. However, even those companies will agree that some drivers and carriers cut corners, disregard the motor carrier safety regulations, and put their own safety as well as that of other motorists at risk. It is our goal at The Gorny Law Firm to call out those drivers and companies willing to put profit over safety.

What can you do? Keep an eye on the back of the tractor trailer you see on the highway. Does it have a sign saying something along the lines of “How is my driving? Call 1-800-XXX-XXXX.” If so and if you see the truck or driver acting erratically or irresponsibly, call the number and report what you saw. In addition, if you see a tractor trailer tailgating, improperly switching lanes, drifting off the side of the road, or acting irresponsibly in some other fashion, alert a law enforcement official. Doing so may prevent an accident and lead to retraining or additional training for the negligent driver. Making that phone call may seem like a hassle. However, the life you save could be that of someone you know and care about.

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